Friday, 1 April 2011

Thursday, 31 March 2011


Constructing our media product!

The running time of our trailer is just over 2 minutes. The amount of footage we had filmed was a few hours long which were difficult when editing.  We decided on the most dramatic, intense and disturbing scenes to use in the trailer, to appeal to audiences.
We used a variety of different sounds in the trailer, including diegetic sound – dialogue, and also a lot of non-diegetic sounds. These included sound effects to exaggerate the diegetic sound e.g. the drowning scene we used a sound effect on imovie to exaggerate the scene to increase the intensity. We also used a variety of sound track music, matching and contrasting with each scene. When choosing the sound tracks, we also focused on making sure each sound track mixed well and the sound throughout the trailer flowed well.

Distributing Our Film Trailer!

As it would be us distributing the film, I think using modern technology would be the best way to distribute, as we don’t have the money big film production films have to distribute the product. The internet would be the easiest, cheapest and most useful way to distribute the film. Using social networking sites to attract audiences would be the most rewarding and useful as social networking sites like facebook, MySpace, are very popular with young people, who are my ideal audience. Also sites like YouTube are very popular and a simple way to distribute and view the trailer/film.
However, a negative of using the internet is downloads and file-sharing, which means we would get the money we should have.
If the film/trailer was produced by a big film production company, the distribution of the film would be very exclusive. The trailer would be shown on the major TV channels, in cinemas, posters/campaigns, premiers, signings, then internet and radio worldwide.

Attracting Our Audience!

We attracted our audience using various camera shots, which represents elements of characters; low angle shot representing power and strength, long shot representing vulnerability. These shots increase the intensity of the trailer, which will attract horror lovers.
We also tried to attract the audience with the storyline and characters. Young people will be able to relate to the story and characters, as its modern. This would defiantly attract the target audience, as myself, Egle and Teodor come up with the storyline/situation, whilst thinking what we would like to see in a horror film. We are sure this would attract our target audience; young people 15-25 year olds.

Our Target Audience!

The target audience of our trailer is people aged over 15, due to the classification of the trailer. Its mainly aimed at young people as it involves a child game (hang man), and the characters are in their teens. With these characters, people between 15-25 can relate to them due to the age of the characters. Also, our trailer is aimed at both genders, which challenges real media products. The characters are females and males, and it’s not a hybrid genre film e.g. horror and chick flick or horror and action. This widens the target audience, as it appeals to both young males and females.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011